Unlock your potential to move & feel better with reformer pilates.

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6 Classes for $60*

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Our program offers:

Energise your body to rejuvenate your life.

Our classes are designed to free your body’s limitations through creative and dynamic movements, ultimately improving your mobility, strength, and joint flexibility. We guide you through a series of proven techniques to get you feeling inspired and motivated. 

Our introductory offer gives you the opportunity to join a small class of fellow beginners to learn a range of easy-to-master techniques. Take your first steps into your Reformer Pilates journey and experience real results as you elevate to better health and fitness.

Get started now with our introductory offer!
6 classes for $60. Offer ends soon.

Reformer pilates instructor guiding movements on reformer carriage
Three women using reformer pilates machine

Personal & Flexible.

Our classes are small and intimate, giving you the personal guidance you need to develop and make the most out of your time with us. Our instructors work closely with you to find the classes and exercises best suited to help you achieve your goals.

World-class instructors.

Our team of highly trained instructors are ready to provide you with exceptional coaching and guidance. You will have peace of mind knowing you are in the care of a passionate team and part of a community driven toward improving your health and confidence.

Train efficiently. For less time.

Our 45 to 50 minute classes are designed to give you the best workout and achieve results in the most efficient way possible. Our flexible times allow you to choose a class that fits into your busy schedule. There’s no stress with Element Pilates.

The Element Pilates Approach.

At Element Pilates, we make every experience and interaction about you. We adjust and plan our programs with precision to push your body to adapt and grow.

We bring together like-minded people who are determined to become the best versions of themselves. Our strong, vibrant community makes you feel part of the family.

Discover the power of reformer pilates.

As a resistance-based exercise, Reformer Pilates is about working smarter. Our classes are designed to deliver intensive, full body-toning exercises. We focus on building muscle, core strength, and increasing mobility to help improve your posture, balance, and stability.

When you start with Element Pilates, we explore your goals to understand what you want to achieve and where you want to be. This provides our instructors with the information to tailor your classes and set you on the right path to becoming the healthier you.

Element Reformer Pilates

Your benefits


We have three Reformer Pilates classes to choose from,
each tailored to best suit your goals.


Master the foundations of Reformer Pilates. We focus on a series of fundamental movement exercises to get you comfortable and moving better with the Reformer. The perfect way to start your journey regardless of your experience, strength, or fitness level.

Three women using reformer pilates machine


Our signature class. The Powerhouse class is designed to test your strength, coordination, and stability. These classes implement complex exercises at a slightly quicker pace. Ideal if you love a challenge and want to push past your comfort zone.

Three women using reformer pilates machine

Sweat and Burn

Get your heart racing and feel the burn! This class incorporates full body dynamic workouts to get you moving to the beat of music and elevate your heartrate. This high energy class is what you need if you’re looking to sculpt, tone, and shape your body.

Women doing reformer pilates routine

Get started now with our introductory offer!
6 classes for $60. Offer ends soon.

Pilates instructor guiding movements on reformer carriage

We're driven to help you succeed.

At Element Pilates, we believe community is everything. We formed Element Pilates to bring more vibrancy and enhanced experiences to people in Victoria Park. We have invested in ourselves and our studio to provide the latest equipment to help get you stronger, leaner, and more mobile. Our passionate team ensures your transformation to better health is long-lasting and enjoyable.

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