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6 classes for $60

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New to pilates?

If you have never experienced Pilates before, this could be the start of a great adventure for you. Even the basic principles are proven to relieve stress, increase mobility, coordination, and strength. At Element Pilates, we offer a full range of classes to suit people of all ages and fitness levels. You will join a small group, where you will learn a range of easy to master techniques. Start your Pilates journey today with Element Pilates.
Three women using reformer pilates machine

Your Benefits

Adding a regular Pilates class to your fitness program will increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and build your core strength. When combined with a healthy diet, you may even see weight loss benefits, especially when you choose classes with a level of cardio activity. Our instructors can tailor a Reformer Pilates program to suit your goals, helping you to perform better, have more stamina, and recover faster from your usual sporting activities.


We have three Reformer Pilates classes to choose from,
each tailored to best suit your goals.


Master the foundations of Reformer Pilates. We focus on a series of fundamental movement exercises to get you comfortable and moving better with the Reformer. The perfect way to start your journey regardless of your experience, strength, or fitness level.

Three women using reformer pilates machine


Our signature class. The Powerhouse class is designed to test your strength, coordination, and stability. These classes implement complex exercises at a slightly quicker pace. Ideal if you love a challenge and want to push past your comfort zone.

Three women using reformer pilates machine

Sweat and Burn

Get your heart racing and feel the burn! This class incorporates full body dynamic workouts to get you moving to the beat of music and elevate your heartrate. This high energy class is what you need if you’re looking to sculpt, tone, and shape your body.

Women doing reformer pilates routine