About Element Pilates

improve your health, happiness, and wellness

Meet the owner of Element Pilates

My name is Matchi. I created Element Pilates to share my passion with for you for all things health and wellness. My mission is to inspire everyone I meet to strive for their best and to want more for themselves in all that they do.

We aim to help as many people as possible, offering not only just another place to workout but a place where community is our priority. You matter because you’re not just a number, you are family.

Pilates instructor guiding movements on reformer carriage
Three women using reformer pilates machine

Our drive and motivation

Element Pilates is about you. Our dedicated team aims to help you transform your body to improve your health, happiness, and wellness. With our 10 Reformer Pilates machines, you will have plenty of opportunity to participate in our classes.

Our welcoming space inspires you to become your best self. With a strong community focus, we welcome you to become part of our family. The experience is holistic, with our programs planned and timed in a precise way to force your body to adapt, becoming stronger, leaner, and more flexible.